31 Oct 2013

November 2013 | Radio astronomy

Since this programme was first aired on 31st October it has been seen by over 149,226 viewers.

In addition there were over 5,000 viewers on EuTube which closed down on new year’s day.

Eighty Two years ago American astronomer Karl Jansky constructed the world's first radio telescope and discovered radio waves coming from the Milky Way, which paved the way for a new branch of astronomical research. Last month the final antenna for the Large Millimetre/sub millimetre Array (ALMA) project was handed over to the observatory by the European AEM Consortium to complete the world's largest radio telescope complex in Chile. Therefore In this month's programme, our main theme is radio astronomy.

We also take a look at the highlights for November including a total eclipse of the Sun, on November 3rd, the Leonid meteors, and the latest news about comet ISON. You may also wish to try and glimpse the Ashen light on the night side of the planet Venus.

1 Oct 2013

October 2013 | Voyager 1 at the edge of space

In September NASA officially confirmed that the Voyager 1 spacecraft entered interstellar space beyond our solar system in August 2012 when it became the furthest man made object to do so. In this program we take a look at what this actually means.

We also look at the highlights of the October night sky, and with Messier marathon season about to begin we pinpoint several deep sky objects for you to observe. Finally we have the latest news about comet ISON, and nova V339 DELPHINI which flared up in August, and is now getting brighter!