30 Apr 2014

The constellations of spring

01/05/2014 | The spring sky from Richard Pearson on Vimeo.

In this month’s program we take a look at the spring constellations. The spring sky is a kind of celestial zoo with large constellations, few bright stars, although it is of great interest to photographers because of the clusters of distant galaxies, with the Beehive star cluster centre of attention. I trust that you are now inspired to venture outdoors and view some of the superb objects mentioned in tonight’s program.

I would like to acknowledge photographers OLIVER CZERNETZLEO TRIPLET M65, M66 & NGC 3628, CHRISTOPHER MADSON M101,JOE HABERTHIER, CUMULO ABIERTO M48, AND ANGELO MAZZOTTI M63 for allowing me to use there splendid images. Also STEVE LINDON Editor of AMATEUR ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY MAGAZINE for his valuable assistance with month's program.

20 Apr 2014

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